Snow Day!

Yesterday was pretty fun. We took a short drive out to Snoqualmie Falls to meet up with Dan and Erica. They had stayed the night out at Salish Lodge and were recovering from a massage that Dan described as "a midget korean lady beating the shit out of me." We hiked down to the falls and then packed into Dan's car and headed out to find some snow at Rachel's request. We went up to the ski areas at Snoqualmie Pass and pulled into a parking lot with huge drifts on the side. Of course we did the whole snowball fight thing and once I was absolutely soaked and Rachel's ear was packed with snow we made a snowman. Dan finished it off nicely with a delicately constructed snow tophat.

Rach, Erica, Dan and Joe at Snoqualmie Falls:
Rachel's cat-like reflexes save her from a face full of snow:

Dan decides cat-like reflexes are no match for outright brawn:
Dan puts the finishing touches on our snowman:
I hope everyone got to watch the Huskers defeat Michigan in the Alamo Bowl. What a game!! I still think the MVP should be Bowman for his game-saving heads up play in the final seconds. With the rest of the team already on the field celebrating, he realized the ball was not dead yet and saved the Huskers from what would have been a VERY embarassing defeat.


Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Oh, what fun! We haven't had snow here for a few weeks...it was definitely not a white Christmas. I'm jealous.


dad said...

I'll send you some of the news articles about that last play with all the laterals. Seems folks like talkin' 'bout it. Big 12 official here says it should have been offsetting penalties because both Huskers and Wolverines were on the field. That would have meant the whole thing should have been replayed from the original line of scrimmage with no time showing on the clock. I think the same play would not have worked again.

mum said...

dang it. I miss you.

Love, Mum