Boys Will Be Boys...

Nobody ever tires of pet photos, right?!? I took a little break from my studies to snap a couple shots of Rocky and Miki playing. They have so much fun together, what with all the face biting and such. This one makes me laugh out loud, it looks like one of those dioramas you see at the natural history museum of prehistoric beasts engaged in an epic fight to the death.


Great Groups

One of my classes this quarter is 'Collaboration and Improvisation.' In the assigned reading for the class I found this little excerpt that really got my blood pumping. 

It is of interest to me because it is something I have been wrestling with in my own mind over the last couple of days. Rach and I were just discussing this very topic last night. I reached a point in my Naval career where the Navy was all. I was on the ship seven days a week, driving my team to completion of every task thrown our way, striving to improve every aspect of my system and my sailors for the good of the Navy. My chain of command loved it, my sailors rarely complained. After realizing I hadn't had a day off in over three months, however, I really noticed that my health was declining rapidly, I couldn't sleep at night and I was becoming irritable and really out of touch with what life is really about. 
I know the adrenaline rush involved in being part of something amazing and accomplishing things that no individual could conquer alone, but surely there MUST be a point when enough is enough and you should take time for your personal life and those you love. I use to write in my journal that I wished I could find something that would release the fire I felt within me. After years of searching, I am confident that my current path will accomplish this. Now I only hope that it will be a controlled blaze and not a wildfire.