Thanks to Everybody

For being a part of my life in 2007.  I've had an incredible year up here in Seattle, thanks mostly to my wonderful friends and family.  We just returned from Christmas in Omaha with my family, it was fantastic.  I miss those guys so much but we crammed a whole year's worth of laughter, games, love and fun into five short days thanks to Rachel making sure we could get there to see them....

Happy New Year!!!!!


Subway Sandwich Gives Local Man Hiccups

Or hiccoughs if that's how your roll.  I was studying for my art history final at the campus cafeteria today and stopped for a lunch break.  I bit into my footlong turkey on wheat Subway sandwich  and swallowed.  I was immediately afflicted with a crazy case of hiccups.  I realized at that moment that though I rarely get the hiccups, I do get them EVERY SINGLE TIME I eat a Subway Sandwich, strange huh?  I was so confident that this was a testable, repeatable hypothesis that I briefly scoured the net to see if I was alone.  It turns out I am not, though I am the first one to make the connection

From a chatroom thread titled "What did you have for lunch today?":
"A subway sandwich and a sprite (It gave me the hiccups)"

From a thread discussing a video of a girl with terrible hiccups:
i remember a teacher told me along time ago that you couldnt have hiccups for a very long period of time like years and $hit. and then i saw some story on some dude who still has hiccups after eating a large subway sandwich

And finally, I staged a google fight between subway sandwich and hiccups and guess who won?  You guessed it......Subway sandwich, proving I am right beyond the shadow of a doubt.......it's "science."