President Obama (projected)

CNN just announced that Obama is now projected to be the next president of the United States, moments after the west coast polls closed...  I am completely tingling with excitement about the possibilities ahead for our country with this great man at the helm. A great day I will never forget for the rest of my life....here's to CHANGE!!

CNN's election coverage

Rachel and I cast our votes, together, this morning. Some of the issues, particularly our state's public transit initiative, we continued to debate even at the polls, talking back and forth between our secret voting booths... Now, ten minutes until the polls close here in washington, Obama seems to have a commanding lead and I feel the whole world breathing a sigh of relief. I am watching the coverage of the election on CNN. Have you seen the CRAZY graphics and effects they are using?! They are talking to people using "holograms," had a virtual projection of the US capitol building sitting next to some lady on a desk, and have touch screens they can manipulate in real time to sift through enormous amounts of demographic data and voter breakdowns. It is actually a pretty nice setup. The hologram effect is a little cheesy, but interesting nonetheless. If I hadn't promised to watch the Stephen Colbert and John Stewart coverage with Rachel later the shenanigans CNN is pulling might have been able to pull me away from them anyway. 


The Junior ID Studio

I don't know if I mentioned yet how excited I am that we have our very own studio in the art building this year. It is such a great workspace and has been well broken in already. Many of my classmates have pulled all-nighters in here, most recently for our final drawing project. Next week we begin the model building portion of the class which means we get to spend a lot of time in the wood shop! Is school really supposed to be this much fun?!?!?