Subway Sandwich Gives Local Man Hiccups

Or hiccoughs if that's how your roll.  I was studying for my art history final at the campus cafeteria today and stopped for a lunch break.  I bit into my footlong turkey on wheat Subway sandwich  and swallowed.  I was immediately afflicted with a crazy case of hiccups.  I realized at that moment that though I rarely get the hiccups, I do get them EVERY SINGLE TIME I eat a Subway Sandwich, strange huh?  I was so confident that this was a testable, repeatable hypothesis that I briefly scoured the net to see if I was alone.  It turns out I am not, though I am the first one to make the connection

From a chatroom thread titled "What did you have for lunch today?":
"A subway sandwich and a sprite (It gave me the hiccups)"

From a thread discussing a video of a girl with terrible hiccups:
i remember a teacher told me along time ago that you couldnt have hiccups for a very long period of time like years and $hit. and then i saw some story on some dude who still has hiccups after eating a large subway sandwich

And finally, I staged a google fight between subway sandwich and hiccups and guess who won?  You guessed it......Subway sandwich, proving I am right beyond the shadow of a doubt.......it's "science."


Mommie Dearest said...

You are a dang genius.


Big Daddy said...

That's odd.

Maybe because of the yeast they use in the bread?

Jasu said...

Yeah. I happen to get hiccups alot from Subway sandwiches too. Not everytime such as you, but more often than I would normally get it from other foods.

I think it may be the bread. I don't know if you noticed but the bread is quite "tough" so to speak. And I eat faster than normal. Maybe it has something to do with not chewing enough? Maybe Subway requires extra chewing for their sandwiches (burn extra calories?). Sounds like a marketing strategy to me.

Anonymous said...

I am the same. every time!

I think it is related to the