Ring in the New Year with a Little Public Nudity!!

Rachel hosted a Game Night at her house for New Year's Eve. We had a pretty good showing of people and an awesome, drunken night of fun!! I brought over a puzzle to continue my parents' New Year's tradition and was surprised that pretty much everybody chipped in. The one I brought was way too difficult and is still unfinished, plus Lisa's dog "whiny" Jack decided he liked the flavor of puzzle pieces and we are not sure how many he ended up eating. Other games throughout the night included poker, Cranium, Jenga, speed, Scene It!(TV), Drinking Roulette and a cool game that was new to me called blocko or blockus or blockazoid or something like that. I carried on another tradition that my old roomie Dan introduced me to, the lap around the block. Not just any lap though, I was in my underpants banging a wooden spoon on a sauce pan. Last time I celebrated the New Year in this manner was at my old house and it was a hit, we had a large group of guys, girls and dogs making a ruckus. This time I guess I was with a more respectable bunch and I had to make it a solo lap, they were all very amused though. I felt like Will Ferrell in that Old School scene where he tries to convince everyone to go streaking.

New Year's at Rachel's by the numbers:

11 people
2 dogs
1 broken champagne glass(I think I have an allergic reaction of some type to stem-ware)
750 puzzle pieces
?? partially digested puzzle pieces
98 number of times the word "shout" is said during the song "Shout!"
3 people who have no idea how to play jenga
1 broken plate(yes, I am a bull in a china shop)
1.5 people running around the block in their underpants(kev made an attempt)
127 number of times "Magnum P.I." was guessed during Scene It!
1 number of times big kev used me as a puppet while playing cranium
48 pounds collectively gained by all of us due to the large array of delicious food
1 incident of "New Year's butt," a close relative of "birthday butt."
81 occurences of the word "jump" in that stupid song by Kris-kross
1 number of rounds survived by the "drinking roulette" players

Puzzled puzzlers

Let the games begin!!

Sara attacks and Jay fights back with all his might:



dad said...

You know what? Your New Year's Eve pictures are not unlike your Halloween pix. Seems to be a common theme, and I think even some of the same poses. Hmmmmm!?

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Looks like a blast!!!! I hope you have a great 2006!