Superbowl Bound!

The Seahawks are headed to their first Superbowl ever! What a great year to be a fan!! I made it to probably five of the home games this year, having only been to an NFL game once before in my life. Can anybody explain to me why the Hawks are still 4 point underdogs after the display they've put on this season?? A lot of credit goes to the league-MVP Shaun Alexander. But I think the true magic of this team is in their coaching staff and the ability of the team as a whole to rapidly adapt to a changing game situation. I only missed watching probably two games this year and every game I did watch I saw something new. If the offense slacked, the defense stepped it up a notch(good luck in that red-zone Pitt.) and even put points on the board for them.

My prediction:


And just cuz we all love him and will probably elect him governor when he retires from the NFL, here are the obligatory pics of Alexander the Great:

Because he's that good: People love him.....

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