The Faithful Steed

Dan sent me some pictures from one of my Jeep adventures last year. I met up with the gang from BlueMoon Motorsports on this one and they helped me crawl my Jeep through some pretty ugly terrain to the top of the Index Wall, a popular rock-climbing spot up here. These pics really took me back to the days that I could afford to really beat the hell out of that Jeep(she likes it). At one point on this trip I was going over some loose boulders between two trees, one slipped from underneath me and the Jeep ended up wedged between the trees at the doors, we had to jack up the ass end and winch it out since the tires were not really touching the ground any more.

Swamp Jeep:

Notice the hiking stick I used to pole vault off the hood:

Our little convoy through the forest:
This is on the top of the Index Wall:

The view off the Index Face, the town of Index is in the foreground:

School has started back up and I am STILL on the job hunt. It's funny, I don't remember having this much of a problem getting a job when I was a teenager. One of the blessings of Omaha I guess. I have an interview tomorrow at Home Depot, Friday at an elementary school and hopefully one coming up soon with the USCIS as a fingerprint tech(that would be so cool. Also, talked to the guys at Lockheed Martin. They are still interested in having me as a teacher, just moving sooooo verrrry sloooooowllllly. My classes this quarter are Biology, English and Math. Today was a lab day and I got to swab cells from my cheek and put them under the microscope. Than I added some blue dye that stained my DNA (WOW!!) and different organelles of the cell. It was so cool!! It is nearly impossible for me to imagine that we are all made up of so many of these tiny little guys, all doing their part to keep us alive. My prof is a cellular biologist and it makes me wonder how she sees the world, it must be very different for her.

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