Bzzzzzz.....That's Not My Phone Buzzing!

I started off my morning right with my new weekly pilgrimage to the coffee house near my apartment. It is a true Seattle experience in my eyes. Free Wi-fi, cute college chicks studying over obnoxiously gigantic mugs of coffee, and local art all over the walls. It used to be a house and still feels like somebody's home only with a large espresso bar added to the living room.
I walked in at about 8 AM this morning and sauntered up to the bar and asked the barista(my new coffee vocabulary), for a large vanilla latte....mmmm. (By the way, I'm still very impressed by the way these northwesterners can rattle off their extremely complex coffee orders with the skill of a practiced auctioneer, "I'd like a harmless double tall non-fat vanilla cap, and make it wet please.") She pulled out a mug that would hold a well-developed cantaloupe and said "are you sure?" I said to her, "hmmm....do you have anything more....say, bucket sized?" I always claim that I don't drink much coffee and then people say, "but what about this morning, you had two cups??" I guess it always seems like I don't drink it often because I have not built up the caffeine tolerance of these coffee-fiends up here. I dragged my mondo mug of coffee over to my regular corner next to the window and got right to work. About an hour later I had downed three-quarters of the cup and started to notice that my writing looked like I had been using one of those squiggle pens. I was shaking so bad you could actually hear a high-frequency hum coming from where my butt met the chair! I managed to get through writing the notes for my finals but then had to begin one of two portraits I have to do this weekend. Not a chance! After going through four hand-spasm riddled pieces of sketch paper I decided to abandon the task and walk back home for some food. I never even finished my trough of coffee.

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The Underlord said...

That's a lot of coffee. That makes me kind of glad that I don't drink coffee... yet..