The Moisture Festival

I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend.... I joined my friend Sue for her company christmas party on Saturday night. I was her back-up date so I introduced myself as her lover, pool-boy, bodyguard, sidekick, personal trainer and bullriding instructor. It was funny because I could really tell which guys had a little crush on Sue by how much they were crushing my hand in a handshake....easy fellas. Most of her co-workers are pretty fun people which came in handy later when Sue decided to skip the show and hang out by the bar coaxing her boys into buying her wine. The event was held at the Moisture Festival down here in Fremont. We all agreed that "moisture festival" is a horrible name. There is no water involved at all and the word moisture is kind of icky. So, this place was a warehouse behind Hale's Ales and was similar in theme to Teatro Zinzani which I also visited recently. There were jugglers, aerialists, drag queens, acrobats, singers, etc. It was kind of the cheapo version of Teatro Zinzani but they put on a great show. You could tell they were working with a limited amount of funding and probably were not in the business for the great pay. The "bathrooms" were porta-potties with christmas lights and decorations inside. No matter how much you decorate, it's still a porta-potty.... One part of the show was a forty minute presentation by a local philipino high school marching drill team, something you might see in any local parade. I had a lot of fun though, I mean, dinner was served buffet style! What fat kid wouldn't be happy??
The can-canner on the right has the voice of an angel! You all know how I feel about a woman who can sing. I totally fell in love with her that night, at one point the entire cast came out to dance with the crowd to the music of the Fremont Philharmonic, she was nowhere to be seen, damn.

Five days left until the Seahawks STOMP the now not-so-undefeated Indianapolis Colts.......


Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

I agree, the word "moist" just has an...icky ring to it. Sounds like you had fun, though! :)

dad said...

I suspect that the moisture festival is actually a meteorological catalyst that is responsible for 26% of the precipitation in the Seattle area during the month of December.