Tahuya, what's it to ya?

Just a couple quick highlights from our first trip to Tahuya State Forest. This place is a gem! I stumbled across it while looking for good places to camp for our inaugural campout of the summer of '06. This place is a 4-wheeler's paradise. It is managed by the Department of Natural Resources and has tons of awesome trails marked off for dirtbikes, ATV's and 4x4s. You would think that would make for a lot of noise to disturb a peaceful campout. Not if you camp like Rach and I. We went to the far end of the land to a walk-in campsite called Twin Lakes. The fact that it is walk-in and there is no running water scares off a lot of the wussier weekend campers. We shared the whole campsite with only two other people! Rocky had fun testing his boundaries with us and we finished off a day of fishing with a bottle of Maker's Mark and a roaring campfire. We also met up with a 4-wheel club called the Quadrapaws. They are holding a rally up there this weekend so we will probably head back up there as soon as we finish drying out all the gear(it rained quite a bit on us overnight). Here's some pics:

Rocky helps Rachel start a fire:

It doesn't get much more PNW than this....

"Look at the soize of this one, e's a real rippah e is....."

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Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Oh, man, I love camping. I'm jealous. Rocky is doggone adorable (heh, I'm so clever with the puns). I want to go!