Day One

Today was the first day of my new job as a fingerprint technician at the Dept. of Homeland Security(Northrop Grumman). I interviewed for the position in January and my clearance has finally gone through after over five months of waiting and a metric ass-ton of paperwork. I am so excited to be working again. These lazy afternoons after school have been pretty great but it felt even better to fill out my time sheet today with the amount of hours I worked. I spent the afternoon watching videos about harassment, pride and professionalism and a very weird one about superfund sites and toxic waste cleanup(I have no idea what that has to do with fingerprinting). The harassment video brought back some fond memories of those semi-annual Navy training videos. You know the kind, they have some guy make a comment like "Hey Linda, could you go ahead and bring in those reports and while you're at it, it wouldn't kill ya to start dressing a little sexier, maybe lose the bra tomorrow mmmkay?" The people I work with are all really friendly and really are a bunch of smart-asses, they spend all day playing jokes on each other and laughing. One guy thinks that the bar-code scanner is posessed and only works if he says the name of one of the other employees out loud. I watched him literally scan hundreds of bar-codes and say the name to himself every time and snicker. "See guys? See? He have a lucky name." Tomorrow I take in my bank account info so I can FINALLY start earning a paycheck again.


Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Wow, that sounds all kinds of top-secret and official and stuff.

Those harrassment videos kill me every time. We have one at work where it's so chock full of stereotypes it's hilarious. For example, the harrasser is an Italian chef: "Hey-a, bab-y! What-a do you say-a to a date-a later?"

dad said...

You mean they didn't tell you that some of those fingerprints would be collected at hazardous waste sites? Listenin' to Bandit Blues Radio---ohhhh so gooood!