extreme blogging!!!

I am posting from rach's blackberry while riding in the cockpit of a speeding ford explorer that is just passing mile 114 on southbound. i-5. I think I am ready to accept that my level of blogdom has reached a new high(or low?). This post officially puts me just above the simpsons comic book guy in the world geek rankings(WGR)


Big Daddy said...

Funny. Did you know you can also call a number and post an audio post on your blog? It's in the 'Help' section. Look up 'audio'.

Oops, I shouldn't have told you that.


Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Hahaha, congratulations! I think you deserve a medal or something. At least a certificate of achievement!

dad said...

I think this is definitely due to the influence of Rachael --- the Queen of Multitasking. Before you know it you will be programming your household appliances from your telephone!