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I finished up my art class and now finally have a little free time to get some blog posts in and take some nice morning runs before the heat gets too bad. It has been a fantastic month for Rach and I, we went to see the best fireworks show I've ever seen at Gasworks park for Fourth of July, two of my very best friends from Omaha, Katie and Kyle took a visit up here to celebrate Katie's recent Graduation, we took a fantastic camping trip with Rachel's parents up to the Gifford Pinchot National Forest at the foot of Mt. Adams and we encountered the Seafair pirates at their landing on Alki Beach. We've been so busy having fun and relaxing that we breathed a sigh of relief this weekend when we finally had no plans. So, what do you do with a weekend off? Well, we decided to reorganize the entire house, buy a fish and finally install some tow hooks on my Jeep that I found at a junkyard about four years ago(talk about procrastination!!) Rachel managed to take the data off her old hunk o' junk computer since she bought a new laptop and she was nice enough to let me borrow her flat screen monitor. So my computer is now running an episode of Family Guy and instant Messenger on my top screen and I'm writing blogs and emails on my bottom screen.....it's geektastic!!!

Here are some pictures of our most recent camping trip on Rachel's family blog, and some from my camera:

The view from our campsite on Olallie Lake at sunrise, Mt. Adams
in the distance, yes I was actually up this early, Dad.

Seaton deftly maneuvers his Jeep along a narrow mountain trail
to the white-knuckled delight of his passengers.

Rach and I took the long way home to get some amazing
views of Mt. Rainier.

Big tree.......


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Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Wow...that camping trip looks awesome. Wish we had views like that out here!

So glad to know that you're doing so well and are so happy! :)