Thursdays are my new favorite! I only have Chemistry class on Fridays and it doesn't start until 1100 so Friday mornings have replaced Saturdays as my Waffle, eggs, bacon and coffee mornings.

I'm nearly settled in at Rach's place now, we are throwing a birthday party for her brother up here tomorrow night, including taking him to a really cool thing that I've wanted to see all my life but can't say what it is because it's supposed to be a surprise and he might read this post. I'll give my full review of said cool thing on Saturday.

Rach started her new job this week after leaving a company she's been with for nine years. We FINALLY began staining the deck that we built at her house (see January posts). Staining a deck is tough work. I've been running around her basement like a madman for a couple days now, installing coaxial cable, setting up a weight room, throwing away stuff I don't need. I had a program containing the schedule for the 1968 Nebraska Turfgrass Conference in Omaha. How does this stuff accumulate?!?! Oh, I also found a stash of notes from girls in high school, that was fun......

So, recently I wrote a post asking about the effectiveness of those ultrasonic pest repellers for the spider metropolis we have thriving in our garage. I managed to catch one of the little buggers after I heard(yes, heard) him skittering across the floor behind me, it was like he was wearing tiny tap shoes. I think it is probably a European House Spider but I'm not sure, any arachnologists out there want to verify it for me??

Check it:


Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Holy. Effing. Shit. That thing is HUGE. I think it could eat you. I think it WANTS to eat you.

Mummy said...

I recommend that you adopt Pinkey the cat and let him take care of your spiders :)))

Remember Martha's birthday is today :)

Big Daddy said...

Yikes! Normally I don't kill spiders because they help eat other pests, but I might be tempted with that. Probably just put it in a jar and take it far away though.