The Dark Side

That's right........I've succumbed to the overwhelming influence of the MySpace phenomenon.........pretty cool service, HTML is easier but less flexible......I think. Check out my new page at http://www.myspace.com/whiskeytree be warned though, the site has music on it so careful at work mmkay?

For those of you who don't know, I've packed up my things and moved into Rach's house. We decided it would be a good idea on the drive back to Omaha.

Rach: "Wanna move into my house?"
Joe: "okay."

As you can see a lot of thought went into it, we are both excited about the upcoming summer though. Alki Beach is walking distance from here and we plan on taking advantage of the fire pits and sand. ANy of you Seattle folks down for a beach bonfire this summer just give us a ring.

Other than that, spent the day trying to organize the garage a bit. Spent most of my time chasing the spiders with a WD-40 can turned flame thrower but it looks pretty good now. I sent Rach a text after a spider scared me nearly to death, and I am pretty cool with spiders. I thought this one was a mouse at first, that's how big it was, it was even furry like a mouse!!! Has anybody ever used those sonic pest repellents? The kind that plug into the wall and emit noise to scare off spiders. I was going to go get a couple of those heavy duty "bug bombs" at the hardware store but Rach recommended the sonic approach, more humane.......Does anybody know if those things work?


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe, we've got some of those sonic plug-ins and they SEEM to be working. Haven't noticed too many creepy critters. Not sure if they would be any match for what you found (yikes!).
The other JO

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Bonfires on the beach? Um, I'll be there next week.