I got a fever.....and the only cure...is more cowbell!!!!

Hello all! My month of traveling and rambling is finished. I visited nine states in the month of March and am happy now because I was getting close to having to take the word "Wanderlust" out of my blog title since I wasn't really doing it justice anymore. My most recent trip was over spring break. Rach and I drove to Omaha and back to surprise my friends and family. Here is the month of March by the numbers:

miles traveled: 9,476
states visited: 9
Wall-Drug signs in S.D.: 1 billion
coolness of Wall-drug (1 to 10) 2
hours driven: 62
Diet Dr. Peppers consumed in the car: 22
Old cow pokes hitting on Rach: 1
Old cow pokes hitting on Joe: 6
times I farted in the crowded
glass tunnel at the Georgia aquarium:3
miles on rental car at start: 26
miles on rental car, seven days later: 3,923
hate emails received due to lack of
video updates on my blog: 3
mullet wigs: 2
guys from high school that are now
pro wrestlers: 1
times I was hit with a purse: 17

Here are a few pics from the Omaha trip, again taken from Rach's phone because I am a slacker and forgot my battery charger for my camera........again.

The Sibs:

Katie and Joe:

Can YOU do the ninja rap?:

A handome bunch o' guys:
Ya feelin' lucky.....punk?

Anonymous Midwest People:


Mt. Rushmore's newest addition:

Weary travelers:

Thanks to all you Oregonians and Omaha.....um.......Omahaians?.......for all your hospitality we had a great month of travel and adventure!!!


dad said...

Best surprise of the year to see you two at the front door on a Friday eve. I'm really glad your wanderlust took you clear back here to the Great Plains. Maybe its our turn next to show up at your door.

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

They surprised the heck out of me, too! It was great seeing you guys, and even better since it was unexpected!