Take that Joe Camel!!

Last night's elections here in Seattle went as planned for the most part, no monorail, Nickels is mayor.......again. We were all a little surprised that what is now the nation's strictest anti-smoking law actually passed. The law bans smoking indoors (a la California) everywhere except for inside people's private residences. It will also be illegal to smoke within twenty-five feet of ventilation ducts and entrances and exits of buildings which basically means you can't smoke anywhere downtown. Smokers will be hunted down and trapped in nets and we will have a big smoky bonfire of cigarettes to celebrate this victory over second-hand smoke. I voted FOR the smoking policy and I am technically still a smoker(I've been quitting for about two years). Almost all of my smoker friends voted for the ban, allowing the initiative to pass with a 65% approval....WOW! The most common answer smokers gave for voting for the ban was an almost desperate plea for help "Anything that makes it harder for me to smoke." Those of you saying "why don't you just quit already," have obviously never felt the effects of a lack of vitamin N.

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