Movie Villain for Hire

So I'm single again.....and in the tradition of break-ups I promptly gave myself a haircut(maybe just my tradition) for a new look. I was actually just a little bored on Saturday and homework had lost its luster so I went crazy with the clippers. It sounds like my poor mother is very concerned after I jokingly sent the picture to my dad and she saw it. You have to admit though, I DEFINITELY could be a bad guy in an action movie. I don't have any cool villain catch phrases though so would probably be the guy who never says anything and dies five minutes into the picture just to increase the body count for the hero. My battle cry? "SPOOOOooooon!"

Here's a before and after for ya, and I will be shaving off the top........as soon as the shock value wears off......what? I'm in college!


Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

You look like a serial killer in the second pic. I think it's more in the creepy eyes than the hair, though.

Anonymous said...

XOXOXOX Thinking of my little psychopath. Love, Mom