Happy Hallowe....dammit, I'm so busy

I'm still trying to find that perfect balance that college students seek. The great part of it is that I am not even working right now! The Halloween party at Rach's was great, I decorated with gusto, got my smoky, spooky fireplace running and then promptly fell asleep halfway through the party(my job was to make smoke and drink whiskey). Here are some pictures from the party...
My parents came to visit me last weekend, I have now seen them three times this year. I think that is some kind of record since I have left home. We had a lot of fun, they came over to my new pad and checked out the neighborhood. This time was a new experience for them because every other time they have come to Seattle it has been gorgeous outside. Well, the 7 months of rain are upon us and they were glad to have packed their bumbershoots. We visited the Hiram N. Chittenden Locks in Ballard which are always incredible to me. If you are ever in Seattle, this is one of my must-sees, they have a fish ladder there with an underwater viewing area where you can watch the salmon returning to spawn. Unfortunately there were only a few gimpy, "reject" salmon as my dad called them since they are between runs right now.
Today was the first day of registration for the next quarter of school. I am facing a bit of a dilemma right now as I cannot decide whether I would like to be a biologist or an artist or a train conductor, or a writer, or an oceanographer, or an architect, or an astronaut, or a secret agent........you get the gist. I suppose most college students go through the same dilemma so I have decided to take very general classes like underwater basket-weaving to buy myself a little time.

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Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Seriously? I would go with train conductor. That or secret agent. Train conductor because of the hat, secret agent because of Bond. James Bond.