So, after the Astoria trip (and a sleepless week of school stuff), we met up with the Oregon crowd again this last weekend for some more adventure. Joanne's old business partner, Ed, has a printing shop at his house including an antique letterpress that we have decided to use for our wedding invites. It took something that I would really not care much about, as long as everybody knew where and when to be at the wedding, and transformed it into a really exciting and meaningful experience for me. We spent pretty much all day saturday setting type (mmmmm....Garamond) and are closing in on our final designs now.... I'm shopping for paper tomorrow..... I love shopping for paper..... We also attended Uncle George's 70th birthday party smackdown that night, it was a big crowd and tons of fun. Fran and George had a tremendous amount of food ready for everyone, as usual. I always eat so much over there that I have a favorite napping spot in their house for after meals coma. 

Click the image below for the photo album of last weekend....

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Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

MMM I love letterpress! Making your own invites right down to scratch would be amazing! We (okay, I) did a ton of work on ours, so I know how much more meaningful it is....too bad most people don't realize all the work you put into it. :)