Astoria Trip

OK, a little catching up to do, my patience is telling me that these are stories best told photographically, so it's a good thing I've taken a TON of pictures recently. Two weeks ago, Rachel, myself, Seaton, Joanne, Lisa and Rebecca all took a trip together down to Astoria, Oregon, just across the Columbia from where Rach and I are getting married this summer. We saw some sights, relaxed a bit, handled some wedding business, found the best place for B.M.s (bloody marys that is), tried some local breweries and ate dinner at the restaraunt we are going to have cater the wedding (It was so damn good). Click on the map below to go to the photo album:


Heather said...

Hi Joe: Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I ran into your blog because I blog for bed and breakfasts around the state of Oregon, and we have some members of the Oregon B&B Guild in Astoria and further down the coast. If you're still thinking about wedding night or honeymoon locations, take a look on the Oregon Coast page of the OBBG website: http://www.obbg.org/results_reg.html?reg=22&s=1
We have some member inns that are particularly well suited for romantic getaways (with or without your friends, although the dogs in the surf looked like they were having a really good time in the photos).

Good luck with your wedding plans, matey (couldn't resist).

dad said...

Nice preview! It looks like you had fun and you have increased the anticipation factor even more here. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of some of what's to come.

JoeyJoJoJo said...

Heather's comment reminds me, we DID stay at a wonderful bed and breakfast called Clementine's in Astoria, right across from the historic Flavel house. I would highly recommend this place. Judith, the owner was so hospitable and friendly, an AMAZING chef too! One of the highlights was afternoon wine and fresh chocolate chip cookies....she's awesome.

Check out the link below: