Tuesday Funny

I have recently discovered the magic that is podcasting.  I initially went on to find some really cool episodes of NOVA(PBS) and NPR's Science Friday.  I am eagerly awaiting the completion of the Large Hadron Collider and have taken a recent interest in understanding String Theory because of some discussions in my philosophy class.  So, NOVA and Science Friday have multiple interesting episodes covering these topics, and they make good background noise while I'm drawing.  I signed up for several others as well, all for free!  I love finding free content, that I don't have to break any laws to enjoy.  This is the list of my first round of podcast subscriptions:

1.  Adobe Creative Suite Video Podcast:
Tips and Tricks for the software delivered in easily digested 5-15 minute nuggets.

2.  A Prairie Home Companion:
The News from Lake Wobegon

3.  Best of Youtube:
Couldn't help it, a weekly delivery of fun, user-generated content(SEE BELOW)

4.  Hidden Universe HD:
HD images of distant worlds from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, all set to music.

5.  Kabbalah & Physics:
Rabbi Ginsburgh demonstrates how relativity, quantum mechanics and string theory use the language of science to describe the presence of G0d in the world.  Haven't listened to it yet, but ya gotta admit it sounds intriguing.....

6.  NOVA | PBS
Short audio stories from the world of science.  Examples include, advances in solar power technology, Judging Intelligent Design, Science behind running and 9/11 conspiracy theories.

7.  Science Friday | NPR
A weekly discussion of the latest news in science, technology, health and the environment.

So, if you happen to have any spare time between working, eating, sleeping, checking your blackberry, checking your email, checking your voicemail, checking your snail mail, checking your myspace(or any other social networking flavor), checking your text messages, checking your skype inbox and checking my blog I recommend you sign up for a few of these great little distractions.....here's this week's Best of Youtube video, pretty funny......


Big Daddy said...

This one book I read on Kaballah is totally similar to M-Theory and Strings Theory.

joanne said...

And I can't live without my regular doses of NPR's "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" and "Car Talk"

mummy said...

I need a nap. Is that stringy enough for you?

GenesisCEO said...

hi~nice blog with a nice post

dad said...

I've got a book in my audible libary by Stephen Hawking called A Briefer History of Time. It has string thory and other similar stuff in it. Go ahead and download it if you want.