I Hate Mice.....

I just finished a (long) brainstorming exercise in which I had to devise and illustrate 30 ways to catch a mouse.....wow.  Between studying alternate dimensions and String Theory in Philosophy and thinking of all these mouse catching ideas today my brain is on full meltdown.  I feel like this blog post should have been titled "I tired......How you?"  I made it to #24 and then reached a sort of neurological doldrums.  My sails were filled again though with a fresh breeze of Jameson.  I feel sometimes a drink (or two) can alter your perception just enough to push you through the task at hand.  

I remembered a funny story that I wanted to blog about last week but got too distracted to ever actually do.  My daily commute to UW involves a drive to Gasworks Park and then I pull the "popemobile" off my bike rack and pedal to the campus.  I used to curse cyclists because they always seemed so angry at pedestrians, motorists and the world in general.  Well, I officially had my first biker temper tantrum last week.  I was on my way to the campus, cruising down the bike trail when suddenly, out of nowhere, comes a (parked) Subaru wagon.  I swerved at the last moment and barely escaped a (surely) fatal collision with an inanimate object.  I pull around the vehicle and the tiny angry biker within me begins to kick my brain right where it counts (in the thalamus, I think).  The problem here is that the vehicle is parked perpendicular to and directly across my precious bike trail.  
Now being a sensible man, I wish to discuss with the owner of the vehicle the error he has made, you know, just to make this world a little bit better for all of us (for cyclists).  Problem is, the owner is nowhere near.  The tiny angry biker sprouts devil horns and says "Hey, don't you keep a pen and notepad with you at all times, let's communicate with our mastery of the written word."  So, I pull out my pen and paper and with my most mature, grown-up face on, I scribble out the words "nice parking a$$hole."  Then I drew a little cartoon hand with the middle finger extended and slapped my advice onto the windshield of the car.  I turned my cycle in the direction of the campus and tore off.  At this point my temper tantrum was over.  Now I was having difficulty pedaling the bike because of my uncontrollable giggling.  I was thinking of the person's face, "Did he really draw a cartoon middle finger?  Ouch."


Anonymous said...

No, I think the assignment was to catch the SAME mouse 30 times and let him escape. I really want to see your traps!

Mommy says, I am SO glad that you didn't collide with the /#&$! bad person's car. He probably wouldn't have noticed your dead body and would have run over you. People who park like that do those things. (Commendations on using your artistic ability to draw the hand signal :))) Way to go, tiny angry biker!

mom said...

No, I am not anonymous