The USS Neversail

I have been crazy busy still. Rach and I had a very productive weekend. Moving furniture, painting furniture, boat shopping, and doing a lot of stuff to get the house in order again after Mike and Brett moved out and Rach found out she didn't really own enough furniture to fill her house. On a side note, I can tell ts nine o' clock now because Rach and I are sitting in the dining room and the movie we left on in the other room just switched over to soft-core porn with the volume up nice and loud......nice! It's kind of like a sexy kookoo clock.

Anyway.....I've been doing tons of research over the past few days to find out if I have what it takes to restore an old wooden boat. The boat is one that I looked at last year and almost bought. The only difference this time around is that it has no engines and is now $3,000 instead of $30,000. I love, LOVE LOVE this boat. It is an old 1957 38' Chris-Craft Corsair woodie. If I was considering at the higher price, then it should be a no-brainer as to what to do now, right? Well, I've given it much thought and wandered around the docks and Fishermen's Terminal talking to the Old Salts enough to realize that this boat is a little out of reach of the college students' salary. Basically what it boils down to is: Nobody will insure it(big problem), its too ugly for most marinas and they won't let me do the kind of repair work it needs anyway and I would probably end up needing to retire the old gal and that would be mighty pricey. The way one of the crusty sailor types put it "If there were a briefcase with $20,000 dollars inside that came with the boat, then.....and only then.....it might be worth your trouble." So, I'm sad, but have not given up hope, I WILL LIVE ON A BOAT SOMEDAY(again). Here are a few pictures of my lost love:
Note: These are the "nice pictures," the ugly pictures show the real reason why I'm not buying this boat....

The Helm:

The Beauty:

The Galley:

Best part about it?

The Boat:

2 bedrooms, 2 bath

My Apartment:

1 bedroom, 1 bath


Anonymous said...

I think you should definetly get a boat and an awesome slip where you can hear the crack of waves against the hull

the other jo said...

Be still my heart....boats! Lookin' for that tugboat-barge-houseboat of my dreams! Let's go boat shopping! Love the Other Jo

the other Jo said...

Ha! Rach, you owe me ...something about a breakfast. I will be hungry and ready to collect.

mum said...

The Missouri River has boats, you know :)

Love, Mommy

Cousin Jeff said...

The boats in the Missouri are for gambling. Well, some of them anyway...

Cool boat.
Living on a boat would have its perks... if you don't like your neighbors, you could move easily :)
Heard that somewhere, but forget where.

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Haha, those pictures really do make it look worth it. You should post the ugly ones so I can affirm your decision.

Tillerman said...

Cool looking boat. I would go for it.