Oh, There She Is

This is really cool to me because I am such a geek. I was just sitting here wondering if I have time to eat lunch before I have to pick up Rachel from the airport. She's coming back from her Vegas trip today. I looked up the status of her flight and it gave me the same old list of arrival and departure times. It also had a button that showed me this:
How cool is that!?!? I've picked her up so many times from the airport, I have it down to a science, and that was before I could figure out her precise location, ETA, speed and altitude. I want to get to the point where I don't even have to park anymore. I could just drive through the terminal doing about fifty miles per hour and it would be precisely timed so that she could leap onto the safety of the hood without wasting anytime stopping. That would be awesome!!


dad said...

Just think, if a new computer game came out called "SIMMS in Flight," you could also control where she sits, who she talks to, how many bags of peanuts she eats...the whole works!!

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

That's awesome! If you can believe, Omaha's airport website has that same functionality. It's fun to watch when you're waiting for someone to come home.

Rache, I hope you had fun in Vegas!