Punk Rock, Drag Queens, Beer and Football

What a week! Last week was just way too packed, we went to the Seahawks game on Sunday, Dropkick Murphys concert at The Showbox on Tuesday, Teatro Zinzani on Thursday and a birthday party at the pub across the street from my house on Friday. I'm spent! We were actually supposed to go to some cocktail party on Saturday but I cried Mercy and stayed in for the evening.

So, Dropkick Murphy's? Second time I've seen them live, first was on my 21st birthday. Gotta say, love listening to their CD's but they just aren't that great live. They double the tempo of their songs and up the instruments so loud that you can't hear the voice. I know, punk rock at it's finest, I couldn't even sing along(which is what we non-moshers do instead of kicking in teeth) until after I had had five or so of the tall Jamesons the bartender was pouring me. I think he may have had some kind of depth perception problem because those were some TALL Jamesons. So, Afterwards we went with my old roommate and his girlfriend to her house.....dude, this chick has the COOLEST disco room in her basement. School night or no, I decided to stay up and have a couple more beers and wail into the microphone of her karaoke machine. I was absolutely beat the next day.

Wednesday, luckily was a day off from this suddenly busy social schedule so I stayed home and revised my first formal paper for English class, got it back today, 94% Not Bad!!

Thursday my girlfriend and I accompanied another couple to Teatro Zinzani.....Holy Crap!! Awesome Show! It costs a hundred dollars for the ticket but is more than worth it. It is a three hour circus/dinner show. Each course is paraded in with it's own unique song, waiters are running and dancing around serving up delicious food. Throughout the entire evening, there is simply too much to watch at once. Contortionists, tumbling acts, juggling, singing, magic, mayhem everywhere!! There was one guy who balanced two wine glasses on top of a plate, on top of a sword on top of a knife sticking out of his mouth, cool? Yes, THEN he got onto the trapeze and proceeded to balance this collction while swinging over the audience's dinner tables! The star of the show is a drag queen named Mabel, at one point my girlfriend asked her(?) how she does her act with so much passion every single night. This ummm...lady snaps her head my direction and locks eyes with me and says in her sauciest voice "Ohh, I find the inspiration somewhere...." Then to the amusement of the other three at the table, she comes over to my side, takes off my tie, unbuttons my shirt and....gets very disappointed that I'm wearing an undershirt. So I thought I would never hear the end of the night I was hit on by a drag queen....until....a magical thing happened. Another hour or so into the show and Mabel is performing a Victorian number and has to go "on the hunt" for a prince....she goes bounding off to the other side of the room and circles closer and closer to our table....my heart rate kicks up a notch and I'm talking to the other guy with me(the girls had gone to the bathroom) "oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, she's coming this way dude..." Sure enough, the spotlight falls right on us, but lo and behold, she's now staring at him. I am overjoyed by this and show it by dancing a small jig and hollering after him obnoxiously as he is dragged into the center ring. She proceeds to dance the dance of seduction with him(yikes!!) tear off her dress, wig and bonnet and switch places with him, making this guy her(now his) princess. The girls enter at about this time and I hear this guy's girlfriend from nearly across the room "OH MY GOD!! IS THAT MY BOYFRIEND!?!?" He must have been out there for about twenty minutes, parading around and participating in the show in this huge victorian evening gown and bonnet. Needless to say, nobody has mentioned my little drag queen incident as this guy had a far more interactive experience. SO, the food was excellent, service was off the hook and the show left me amazed, awe-struck and laughing to tears.

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