Intro post

This is my first blog, ever, WOW, I know, I'm Wayyyy behind the times. I did just turn twenty-five though so give an old man some credit. A little background on me, I was born in Blue Earth, Minnesota, raised in Omaha, Nebraska where I graduated high school at Millard West. I then joined the Navy and spent six years as a Firecontrolman, sailing the ocean blue on the USS Shoup. I returned to the ways of the civilian a couple weeks ago and have enrolled in college up here in Seattle. I live in the neighborhood of Fremont, a weird, wacky corner of the city known as "The Center of the Universe." My hobbies include spelunking, lutefisk eating contests, bothering people, and jogging, all of which may or may not actually be true. Mainly starting up this blog for what I like to call "brain-vomit," when I just really gotta write things down to put my head back in order. Also would like to have for my far off family members to read and keep up with my doings. Strangers and freaks are welcome too though....

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