Day Twenty-Three

I did a lot of work in the studio today. For our final project in Rome we are going to be creating a book with some of our own images in it. I am having trouble picking a sort of general theme. Initially I wanted to compare and contrast ancient Rome to Modern Rome, then I was thinking of documenting the sites of all my favorite forum stories. Finally I have decided that I want the book to be much more personal, not so much of a history lesson. So I think I will try to choose images that represent particularly powerful or emotional moments for me during the trip and use those, the theme revolving around what really stands out to me as an individual. We headed to the art store by the spanish steps in search of supplies. It was actually a very nice evening stroll and we ended up on the Via del Corso, a new part of the city for me. 


Seaton McLennan said...
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Seaton McLennan said...

Hey Joe,

Just had to comment a tad... Seeing that view of old buildings brought back some good memories. It was such a pleasure to have a field guide with me as we toured the city - now your city.

Keep that journal coming - Its good to read!


Mom said...

Fantastic journeys and tours. Too bad you can't put the smells on the blog. Put that idea on your invention list. (Could be abused) :))