Day Fifteen

Rachel left Roma very early this morning. I miss her already. I slept in a little bit at the hotel and then took advantage of the breakfast buffet downstairs, who am i to pass up a free meal? Then I headed over to the Trevi Fountain to try and beat the crowds for some early morning picture. I got there and realized that my camera battery was dead and I had left my other one at the house. Oh well, some other morning maybe. Besides, I am sitting on top of a mountain of data right now that needs to be sorted and kind of feel like I should take care of that before adding too much more to the heap. I spent most of today in the studio cropping, editing, tweaking and deleting photos. Even after I deleted a lot of sub-standard shots, I still have a grand total of 15.26 gigabytes of photos, translating to roughly 1,350 images! WOW! The number of pictures I have actually taken is well over 2,500 at this point. I am so glad that I am doing this all digitally, can you imagine what this would have cost me with film?!?!? 

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dad said...

sorting through that many photos, let alone the cropping and editing boggles my mind. Good thing you stepped up to it when you did.