Day Nine

I am so exhausted. We went to Ostia Antica today and walked all over the ruins in the hot sun. Ostia was very neat and had a lot of nautical history which I, of course, really enjoyed.  These blog posts are getting shorter and shorter as I go because at the end of the day I feel I just don't have the energy anymore to write or do much of anything. However, the trip is fully documented with over 2,000 photos at this point and more to come, so I'm, not worried about it. I did have the strength for one of my favorite hobbies in Italy, grocery shopping. Noodles were on sale today for 70 Euro cents!  Anyway, I feel as though this day must come to an end. Tomorrow I will write a little bit about the Italian cooking lesson I had tonight. We made Gnocchi from scratch! So, appropriately, here is a picture of me sleeping on the train on the way back from Ostia Antica.


joanne said...

Fortunately the right balance of espresso and garlic have been know to revive and rejuvenate the body.

Mudder said...

You can be exhausted there or exhausted in the U.S. Take your choice. Do try to sleep (she said in a motherly way).