I May Have Just Lost My Appetite

I am at work right now, finishing my chores early so I can head to the monthly Brewmaster's Dinner at Mccormick and Schmick's downtown. The dinner features a different brewery every month and is a five course meal with each course utilizing a different beer in some manner, whether its in the sauce, part of the marinade, or baked straight in as in the chocolate stout cake or 'beeramisu' desserts. Between each course the brewmaster and the chef come out to discuss their respective creations. This month is our local Pike Brewery and features one of my favoritest microbrews, the Kilt-Lifter IPA. Its hard to go wrong with any IPA but this one is particularly exciting. Just throw on a traditional celtic man-skirt, toss one back and you'll see why, it is HOPPY!!! Anyway, the brewmaster's dinner instantly became a favorite tradition with the inner circle of our urban family. As I said, it's a five-course meal, but also includes all-you-can-drink beer and costs only $49.95, tax and gratuity included. A smokin' deal!

So, I haven't looked at the menu for tonight but I did come across something in my usual hyper-productive manner of probing the deepest realms of the world wide web that made my stomach turn and will surely haunt my dreams forever. I came across it while researching Chupacabra for some unknown reason. It's Sam, the three-time champion of the world's ugliest dog competition. Unfortunately Sam passed away in late 2005 but his blog is still available online. Man is this one ugly dog!!


joanne said...

I could have gone all day without seeing that dog!

Dad said...

Yeah, Sam sorta reminds of Randy Quaid in those "Vacation" movies. Somebody had to love him though...right?

Anonymous said...

You know, my parents named me after their old dog Sam...I wonder if he looked like this dog?