Monday Night Workout

First off, check out rachel's excellent post about our exciting weekend.

So, I was surfing the net in an extremely productive manner tonight and stumbled across this little gem. If you are webcam enabled and are not pregnant or suffering from any heart conditions, I strongly suggest downloading the demo and playing for a bit. The software utilizes your webcam in some pretty innovative ways, from bouncing soccer balls on your head to cheesy, but fun, special effects. The best part, we played for over a half hour and the games were so physical that we had both worked up a sweat by PLAYING VIDEO GAMES.

Also, though this is late news, we had a huge fire in West Seattle last week only a few blocks from our house. Turns out one of the many condo buildings under construction was set on fire, an arson. The blaze was so large that it set off smoke detectors in homes 10 blocks away. I hear a lot of people complaining about the overdevelopment of West Seattle and the irresponsible practices of those looking to make a quick buck throwing up cookie-cutter townhomes and condos and wonder if this was somebody who took it a step too far.......


Big Daddy said...

Isn't Seattle pressed for land for homes?

My buddy Clay who lives there, says that people are living on top of each other, and that there is a big hubub about building on new land.

JoeyJoJoJo said...

Yes, we're kinda crammed in here between the sound and Lake Washington. Luckily my neighborhood has a pretty knowledgeable and effective Design Review Board who makes sure developers are acting responsibly and not destroying the character of West Seattle.

Big Daddy said...

That's cool.

Thank goodness instead of more sprawl, Denver is finally filling in what used to be parking lots.