Try-a-Tri 2007

The Chelanman Try-a-Tri was GREAT!! I've finished my first triathlon just in time to start training for my second. The event included a 1/4 mile swim, 13 mile bike and 3.2 mile run in and around beautiful Lake Chelan. The highlight was the bike course, it went right along the coast of the lake, vineyards on one side, water on the other. The swim was very exciting. We left the start in waves of sixty and swam the course like a school of fish, except fish all seem to swim in the same direction.....and don't have feet to kick each other with. It was full contact swimming....I inhaled water twice because the water was so choppy! The water temp was cool but not cold and it was crystal clear so I could see the bottom at a depth of twenty feet. After finishing, Jason and I both felt euphoric enough to know that this was something we needed to do again. We have our eyes set on the Kirkland sprint triathlon on September 16th. Thanks again to Rachel's dad for making the long trip and acting as photographer for the weekend!

Moments before the swim start....

A great action shot!

The finish line!! (do your best karate kid impression....)

Back at camp.....the dogs celebrate.


Dad said...

Rocky can't wait for the Dog and Dad event. Way to go Kiddo!

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

WOW, that's so impressive! I'm really proud of you!

Rocky is huge and adorable - him and Riley would have a blast together!