New Life for an Old Blog

Over the past few months I have found myself sitting at the computer from time to time, staring at my blog with my mouse pointer poised over the button that says "Delete this Blog." My myspace page had already met its fate in my attempts to simplify my life a little bit and I was tired of being at the computer after an online course I recently took. My blog's days were numbered. Rach saw the early warning signs of a blogicide and took action. Last weekend her parents visited and brought me a wonderful gift. At Rachel's request, her mom had laid out and printed the entire contents of my blog and had them bound into a book so if I did delete the blog I would have a copy of all the stuff I had written. It was such an amazingly thoughtful gift that I have decided to resurrect 'a bad case of wanderlust' and resume documenting the adventures of Joe and Rachel (a.k.a. Captain Chaos and Ridiculous Girl) for the benefit of our distant friends and family, we love you all very much.


Dad said...

On behalf of distant families everywhere, I say Hoo-rahhhh! Besides, when you become a famous designer of a fabulously popular toy, you can sell your blog stories for millions of dollars...not that you will need it after creating the toy sensation.

Ma said...

That is the sweetest gesture ever. And I'm glad your peeps are watching after you xoxox

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Aww, that is so awesome! I'm glad to see a new post, finally - I had been checking religiously! :)

How is everything going? We miss you guys!

Katie K said...

WOW Joe! That's probably the coolest thing EVER! I love Rach, I love Rach's family and I love you.

We MUST keep in touch. I think I am planning on visiting you in May, '08. More to come on that later :) HA.

Jumps, hugs and kisses from middle US.