A guiding quote

Rachel and I did some exploring up near the Canadian border this weekend. We visited an amazing museum in Bellingham called Mindport that focuses on interactive art and exhibits ($2 entry fee, if you're there, it is a must see). On one of the walls of the museum I found a framed piece of 8.5 x 11 with the following written in an unassuming 12 point italic:

"The first enslaving illusion is the idea that people are born to be consumers and that they can attain any of their goals by purchasing goods and services."

"What people do or make but will not or cannot put up for sale is as immeasurable and as invaluable for the economy as the oxygen they breathe."

Ivan Illich
Toward a History of Needs

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Mum said...

Store after store, full of row after row of stuff I don't need or want. Why? That said, there is some stuff that I don't need and still want. Perhaps that will make my life everything it should be. I shop a lot at goodwill, where people send their old useless stuff so they have room for new useless stuff. And why do I love colored pencils so much????