Oh Miki you're so fine

Hank, the chihuahua we were fostering, has moved on to a better place, literally. No, he wasn't put to sleep. He is now with a woman who specializes in rehabilitating traumatized dogs. Rach and I do not have the knowledge, or time, it takes to make a dog like Hank adoptable.  He was very antisocial and bit hands often, not that being bit by a chihuahua really does any damage but it's still not a quality one looks for in a pet. So we swapped Hank out with a dog that is SO adoptable.  His name is Miki, he's half chihuahua, half pot-bellied pig (chubby, snores and oinks).  He is VERY social, so much so tht he is stnading on my kyeborad as I wrtie tihs. Guess the keyboard is stealing the attention he craves so much. He is already a great companion and I can tell that it will be hard for us to give him up when he finds his permanent home. If you are interested in adopting this little pork chop, shoot me an email and I'll let you know the details, we are in the Seattle area.


Anonymous said...

The video tells me that Rocky likes the toys you are bringing home :) Very sweet.

Momma said...

oops, That was from me :)