Henney Motor Company

Interesting fact for you Henney folks out there.....Did you know that the Henney Motor Company was contracted to develop the World's first modern electric car?
From Wikipedia:

The 1959 models all ran on a 36-volt system of 18 sequential two-volt batteries. The 36-volt cars had a top speed of 40 mph and could run approximately 40 miles on a full charge. After the 36-volt system was realized to be impractical, the Kilowatt drivetrain was redesigned by Eureka Williams as a 72-volt system for the 1960 model year. It employed 12 sequential six-volt batteries. The 72-volt models were much more practical than the 1959 36-volt models. The 1960 Kilowatt boasted a top speed of nearly 60 mph with a range of over 60 miles on a single charge.

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dad said...

The motor company evolved from the well known Henney Buggy Co. The company also made hearses. I think I remember seeing a modern band called the Henney Buggy Band!

joanne said...

That's a great feather in any Henney Hat. Oh, if only we could buy one today!