The Chinese Dr. Evil

Fall quarter has begun at South Seattle Community College and after adding two classes to my schedule and dropping one I feel as though I am finally in the right place. My schedule includes Intro to engineering graphics, Intro to CAD, Manufacturing processes and Mandarin Chinese. My engineering instructor is an excitable, demanding little vietnamese guy that can't really speak english all that well. Whenever he talks about my generation he points at me and says "You young folk," except his accent makes it sound like he's calling me a young f**k. He's VERY demanding, I watched him hound one of his advanced students, he said, "very good work but you take too long, YOU MUST WORK FASTER!! Quickly, quickly, quickly!!!" Luckily he is extremely knowledgeable of his craft and has been teaching it for a very long time so I think I will learn a lot from him. He's also a Buddhist monk and part of my grade this quarter will be on pride and honor! My Chinese teacher is very funny and very good, when he learned English he learned to overpronounce words and to use his lips a lot(Chinese sounds do not require as much movement of the lips as English sounds), so when he speaks he sounds and looks a lot like Dr. Evil, sometimes I can't hold back my laughter when he speaks.


dad said...

maybe he IS calling you a young f**k, but he knows that you will assume that it is a language problem and not really an insult??

Big Daddy said...

Ick. AutoCAD. Pain at first to learn, but cool once you know your way around. Although plotting is still a pain.

Anonymous said...

very funny,so,what 's Dr.evil's meaning?